42364 - Copy the messages content with keyboard Cmd-C/Ctrl-C

Often enough, when I get a result in the message pane I need to copy, my first reflex is to use the keyboard shortcut.

Unfortunately, it does not work and I find myself pasting nothing or something old. Then I remember and use the mouse right click.

Would it please be possible to enable Cmd-C/Ctrl-C to work on the message pane ?



Been hit by this one so many times I’ve lost count :stuck_out_tongue:


A bunch of new keyboard shortcuts would make the IDE generally more enjoyable for me. There was a general keyboard shortcut Feedback case from a year or two ago but I can’t find it right now. I’ll be told that I don’t understand the complexity of the IDE internals but it still seems to me that adding more keyboard shortcuts is surely some of the simplest improvements to the IDE, with a large benefit to us developers.

Thank you for the tip.

In the case of the FR I filed, though, it is not a matter of changing the shortcut. It simply is not implemented.

I believe the reason is that messages are displayed in an HTMLViewer (read that somewhere on the forum), and it does not have the focus. The focus is on the code editor.

It should be possible to detect when something is selected in the HTMLViewer, and if so, place the focus on the Message pane so the standard system copy applies to it. Then when the user click in the code editor, reinstate the focus onto it.

[quote=243930:@jean-paul devulder]on osx, you can change some shortcuts,

just edit the file /Xojo.app/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/Localizable.strings

made backup copy before ;)[/quote]

Yeah, don’t do this. You can change the shortcuts by going into System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts.

I don’t want to change shortcuts. Like Michel, I’m looking for new shortcuts, for non-menu items. Random example: opening and closing the various areas at the bottom of the IDE. Positive there’s a case for it, but still can’t find it.


If there’s a menu item then you could add a shortcut to it using the mechanism joe mentioned


You cant add short cuts to items that have no menu item


That’s why he wants them implemented!

About the feature request I started this thread with, it appears that the issue is Mac only.

On PC, when text is selected in the Messages pane, Ctrl-C does copy it fine.

It should be possible to have the same in the Mac IDE.

It is not a matter of adding a shortcut, since already the system provides it (Cmd-C), but the fact that the focus is not given to the right control.

Short cuts without menu equivalents makes them impossible to discover
We’d probably have to rearrange the menus to have all these items in there

For the message log we would probably need to move it away from being an HTML viewer to something like a custom canvas or read only text area that makes it easier to actually use the existing shortcuts AND make it really obvious it has focus so you know what will be copied etc

Fine then, make them menu items, whatever - but we shouldn’t have to reach for the mouse to close the Find area, open/close Errors areas, open/close Messages area, just for a few random examples. I was also referring to lots of keyboard shortcuts such as Command-= to automatically resize a control to fit the text you’ve just typed into it, instead of reaching for the mouse and manually resizing the control like a caveman :slight_smile: Or command–double-clicking a control name in code to take you to the actual control, not the containing view. Little things that make the IDE much nicer when you use it hour after hour, all day long.

I know Geoff talked about a redesign or overhaul of the IDE, but honestly, keyboard shortcuts, the forthcoming retinization ™, fixed tabbing and a little more control over the way the Navigator displays its content, and I’d be more than happy with it.

(Sorry Michel, we’re off-topic now)

It works in Windows though.

The fact that text is selected is kind of a visual confirmation of focus.

Just these items are probably a huge undertaking.

I have good news for you!

It would be nice to get keyboard shortcuts to open the panes other than Find.

These kinds of polishes are how we get to a modern IDE; this is what people expect.

If a few keyboard shortcuts are a “huge undertaking”, I dread to think what you consider of the proposed redesign/revamp of the IDE.

[quote=244145:@Tim Parnell]I have good news for you!

It would be nice to get keyboard shortcuts to open the panes other than Find.[/quote]
Thanks, yes, I shouldn’t have included that one as I already use it :slight_smile: I was indeed referring to the other panes.