41919 - Command-double-click should go to actual control on Window or Container


I often use the very useful shortcut of holding down the Command key and then double-clicking a method name in a block of code - this jumps you straight to that method and opens it up in the code editor.

I’d like to mirror that functionality with control names. So, I’d like to be able to Command-double-click a control in code and be taken to the layout editor with the control already selected. Currently this almost works - it does jump to the layout editor but it just has the parent (Window or ContainerControl) selected, not the control itself. So in a complicated UI, I still have to take a moment to find the control or use the Navigator.

For example, if I Command-double-click on the control name of txtName in a piece of code such as winChange.txtName.txt = “Example”, I’d like it to jump to the visual editor with txtName selected.

Yes, it’s just a very minor thing but little tweaks like this can improve your workflow when using the IDE all day long. Thanks for considering.