3D Animation on Xojo


We’re developing a software for a lotto-like product, se we need some 3D models of the drawn numbers on these lottos. Is there any plugin that helps with 3D animation on Xojo? Would it be possible to make these animation on HTML5 and embed it on the code?

Two options; you can use OpenGL functions to build the objects with OpenGL commands, or if you know how to it in HTML5, you can use a HTMLViewer and some trickery to communicate with the HTMLViewer.

Hey Sam, what kind of “trickery” would you suggest in case of HTML5? Actually, I don’t know how to do it in HTML5 nor in Xojo, I’m looking for a freelancer who can do it to me, so I can embed it on my code, but I think it’s easier to find someone who can do it in HTML5 than in Xojo.

Is there anywhere where I can find freelancers specialized in Xojo? Then I would try the OpenGL option.

Pulling off 3D in HTML 5 would use WebGL - which is based on OpenGL. So you’re adding the whole HTML Viewer thing to the mix for no gain at all.

You can find Xojo consultants here: http://xojo.com/support/consultants.php

In the forums; there’s some dedicated HTML/Xojo gurus who can advise on how to make a Xojo apps where the Xojo code can communicate with the HTML5/JavaScript within a HTMLViewer.

For one of our applications, Xojo generates some HTML code that displays an icon grid (with HTML5 animations). The generated HTML uses custom links so that when the user clicks on an icon, Xojo knows to open that file.

However if you don’t know how to do it in HTML5 either, it sorta becomes a moot point.