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The sessions list is out, the speaker list is ready! Now it’s time to secure your spot at the biggest Xojo event ever! Check out the XDC website to view the schedule, learn about the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, read full session descriptions and speaker bios, and get yourself signed up! With only 36 days left to save $200 on the price of registration you have no time to wait!


Past attendees have said:

[i]“The benefit of the XDC is not just in the sessions. Those are very valuable, to be sure, as you gain information and perspective from experienced professionals. It’s not solely in the unfettered access to the Xojo engineers who are eager to share their vast knowledge of the IDE, language, and direction of the product. Perhaps more important than these are the fellow attendees, your colleagues, who arrive as strangers and leave as valuable friends. The collective experience of these seasoned pros is unmatched and irreplaceable.” - Kem Tekinay, New York

“My conference dollars are very valuable to me, and I’m very excited to attend XDC 2014! As Kathy Sierra stated, " Face-to-face trumps Twitter, Blogs, etc.” I describe it as drinking from the fire hose of knowledge. Well worth attending." - Kevin Cully, Georgia

“During the conference days, I not only met very smart people, but I also enjoyed a lot of talking and exchanging experiences. Though I’d already talked to some of the attendees on the forum, the great added value here is the human factor which is something only possible meeting in person. And about Xojo, Inc. I have now confirmed what I was already thinking: without diminishing all the rest, one of the greatest values of this company, are the engineers.” - Massimo Valle[/i]

Sessions List

About the Xojo Compiler — Joe Ranieri
Advanced Design Patterns — Jared Zelek
Data Mining for Middle Management — Tim Hare
Debugging Techniques — Norman Palardy
Designing Databases for Consumer Applications — Tom Catchesides
Design Patterns — Jared Zelek
Desktop Application PubCoder: A Case Study — Angelo Scicolone
Database for Developers / SQL 101 — Carol Keeney
Functionality and Scale Testing for Web Apps — Travis Hill
Getting More Out of OOP — Marc Zeedar
Good Guy Listbox — Paul Lefebvre
Intermediate Database Coding — Seth Verrinder
Intro to the Web Control SDK — Greg O’Lone
Intro to the Xojo Cloud — Greg O’Lone
Learning to Love Linux — Paul Lefebvre & William Yu
Leveraging the Power of the Database — Patrick Delaney
Midi Interfacing with Xojo — Stan Humphries
MonkeyBread Software Xojo Plugins — Christian Schmitz
Practical User Interface Design — Paul Lefebvre
Sandboxing Mac Apps — Thom McGrath
Security via Obesity — Kem Tekinay
Simple Dialog Box Management — Ken Whitaker
The Customer: An Instruction Manual — Hamish Symington
The Xojo Framework — Joe Strout
The Pragmatic Programmer — Paul Lefebvre
Understanding Threading — Thom McGrath
Using MacOSLib — Kem Tekinay
Web Framework 101 — Greg O’Lone
Working with Windows — Paul Lefebvre & William Yu
Writing Secure Apps — Christian Schmitz
Xojo Consulting — Bob Keeney
Xojo on iOS — Joe Strout
Xojo Reporting Tools — Bob Keeney & Seth Verrinder

More sessions announcements to come!

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