3 Paradigms for Data Access in Xojo – Mon Dec 8th, 2014

Hello Xojo enthusiasts!

Please join us for this Xojo monthly meeting! We promise that you’ll learn something new at each meeting!

Who: Everyone interested in developing in Xojo!
What: Monthly Meeting
Where: Aldo’s Italian Restaurant
When: Monday, December 8th, 2014 – 6pm to 9pm

[b][1] 3 Paradigms for Data Access in Xojo[/b]
[b][2] White Elephant “Bad Movie” Exchange[/b]

[b][1] Per our members, they’re interested in hearing more about how to approach accessing databases in Xojo. We’re not going to talk about different databases (SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.) but we are going to talk about the programming side of things. There are three approaches that we are going to discuss: [A] SQL Pass Through, Prepared SQL Statement, and [C] Object Relational Models. We’re hoping this gives you the insight into the pluses and minuses of each approach to help you get started programming in Xojo using databases.

[2] This is our last meeting for the year so we thought we’d do something fun: A White Elephant “Bad Movie” exchange. Pull out the worst movie that you have in your shelf. Yes, the one that you’ve promised that you will never watch again because it is that bad. Do you have a copy of Gigli? What about Battlefield Earth? This is your opportunity to get rid of it! Wrap it up and bring it to the meeting. Movies must be DVDs, and an original version. No copies. We’ll laugh it up, celebrating our bad movie choices. Winner is the person that gets stuck with the worst movie according to IMDB!

I hope to see you there!