299 apps have bug squash in macOS

Did you know that ?

article about that.

Basically, the article talk about patches in macOS against some third party applications (Apple and non Apple applications).

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worthdoingbadly.com resolves to here, the article opens fine and is an interesting read, thanks Emile.

Application specific OS patches are not uncommon on macOS and Windows:


The issue that I have is the number of other “fixes” that are incorporated into these and other “security” patches from Apple that are simply not documented. We chased a bug in BRU’s I/O engine for 2 weeks on 10.13.3 that turned out to be a change that was part of the primary Meltdown security patch, but affected the SAS and Fiber-Channel layer drivers and had nothing to do with either Spectre or Meltdown … They reverted the change in 10.13.4.

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Even if they do not talked about Xojo in this article, I was thinking Xojo community have to know about what Apple is doing.

What the article did not say is if Apple explain these patches to the applications owners.

I am rading the article. This looks the way Apple patched the Apple IIgs (back in 1987-1990) ROM from boot disk. In that case, the result speed gain was… tremendous and I do not talked about how the running application worked.