28578 - Debugger: in Navigator, one can drag & drop the running debug app nam


28578 - Debugger: in Navigator, one can drag & drop the running debug app name
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Michael DiehrToday at 8:18 AM
While running a debug app, the navigator shows “RUN / MyAppName”.
You can Drag & Drop “MyAppName” and put it in weird places, such as into the CONTENTS section of one’s project.

This is surely not intended behavior.

Um, I mean no disrespect, but what is with posting a bug report to feedback and the forums? I don’t think the forums is a proper place for bug reports, that is what feedback is for? Sure, if you have a question about a feedback item or something… but just verbatim?

This has been my standard practice for years (on the NUG, and now here on the forums). This is the first complaint I’ve received.

I’d just hate to see what would happen if everyone begins doing it, nor understand the purpose. I count 14 new reports just today.

See, the thing is: in any forum there is going to be a LOT of content that you don’t care about. You can go into each thread and post “I don’t see the point of this content” or you can do what everyone else does which is to skip it and move on. What would happen if everyone did like you just did? It’s a form of thread-hijacking and is considered rude.

In fact, I’d love it if ALL bugs were auto-posted to a channel here on the forums. Yes, one can browse them inside Feedback.app but the UI is very clunky.

This one will probably just get closed because of <https://xojo.com/issue/26375>

Thanks Norman - this sounds like further bug reports w.r.t. the RUN section in the navigator wouldn’t be a good use of time until R3 beta has come out?

That’s fine, I just see it as an abuse of the forums. Feedback is the place for Feedback, forums is the place for discussions, not static, mirrored content, but if I am the first to mention anything, I’m probably in the minority. Sorry to have bugged you about it.

Probably not
Have a peek once beta starts & then see whether the things you are thinking of still are relevant

I do use some restraint :slight_smile: I don’t post every single bug report, but in this case I knew that the Debugger was being worked on (as I had seen 26375’s status) so in this case I thought it might be of interest to more than just myself, so I posted it. Fortunately this allowed Norman to give me a heads up on the status so I think it all worked out.

Norman reviewed the issue in Feedback and now Feedback doesn’t have the information provided here by Norman. When one goes searching for a bug in Feedback, they will not benefit from this conversation. Norman could have easily commented in Feedback as well. But, I wish to end this inquiry as I am not the forum police, nor run or operate it. It is easy to ignore information as you say.

FWIW - I think there should be a channel for bug issues which may illicit workarounds and avoid some pain for other users - may even help xojo solve the issue themselves - I don’t know. But I can guarantee I would not have seen this bug had it not been for Michael’s post.

Are the other 15 (and counting) bugs posted today of less value? I believe the general idea of feedback is when you have a bug you are fighting, search Feedback and there you will see a whole host of reports and work arounds. It keeps everything central, but really, I’m going to cease on this as I don’t wish to be a trouble maker.

Hi Jeremy - take your point, just saying I avoid feedback when I can as it never seems to work for me properly - so just thought it not a bad thing. Sorry

I hope we can all agree that letting people know about reported bugs is a good thing, if we can find a way to do it while keeping the signal-to-noise ratio high.

In recent versions of Feedback.app the discussions inside it now look a lot like the same HTML/CSS that’s being used in these forums. Is that coincidence? I wonder if Xojo has any thoughts about merging the two systems?