28561 - Cocoa: resizing window from top edge fails to give Move events


28561 - Cocoa: resizing window from top edge fails to give Move events after window resized by bottom-right corner
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Michael DiehrToday at 2:43 PM
In 10.7 and later, you can resize a window from the top frame. Doing this affects both the location and size of the window, and you would expect to get both Moved and Resizing events. The first time you do this, you in fact do. However, after you adjust the window’s size from the bottom right corner, if you go back and resize the window from the top edge, you no longer get Moved events. This has bad effects in programs that depend on the Moved events.

To reproduce:

  • run attached app in 10.8

  • open Console.log to watch debug messages

  • First, resize Window 1 from the top edge
    Expected and Actual result: a sequence of alternating Moved/Resizing events:
    7/30/13 2:37:22.462 PM resize.debug[59741]: Window1.Moved 52,435 710x138
    7/30/13 2:37:22.462 PM resize.debug[59741]: Window1.Resizing 52,435 710x138
    7/30/13 2:37:22.478 PM resize.debug[59741]: Window1.Moved 52,442 710x131
    7/30/13 2:37:22.478 PM resize.debug[59741]: Window1.Resizing 52,442 710x131
    7/30/13 2:37:22.495 PM resize.debug[59741]: Window1.Moved 52,449 710x124

  • now, resize the window by the bottom / right corner

  • now again resize the window from the top edge
    Expected results: should be same as before
    Actual results: you only get Resizing events. The Moved events are missing.

7/30/13 2:37:31.780 PM resize.debug[59741]: Window1.Resizing 52,464 746x82
7/30/13 2:37:31.796 PM resize.debug[59741]: Window1.Resizing 52,466 746x80
7/30/13 2:37:31.830 PM resize.debug[59741]: Window1.Resizing 52,468 746x78
7/30/13 2:37:31.846 PM resize.debug[59741]: Window1.Resizing 52,470 746x76
7/30/13 2:37:31.863 PM resize.debug[59741]: Window1.Resizing 52,472 746x74
7/30/13 2:37:31.896 PM resize.debug[59741]: Window1.Resizing 52,474 746x72

File(s) attached: resize.xojo_binary_project.