22r1 doesn't load plugins

I know that we have issues with Quarantine on MacOS, but I’m now running into a similar load issue with MBS and Einhugur plugins on Windows under 22r1.

I installed 20r2 onto my build machine
Copied the MBS 22r0 and Einhugur plugins from my 21r3.1 Plugins folder
I’ve checked the existence and make sure that the files were accessible

22r1 loads the default Xojo plugins but ignores the others.

Fresh 22r1 download on Windows 10 22h1


Have you checked if the plugins are newer versions?

I had to update some because they would not load and once I updated them they loaded fine.

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Turns out that XCOPY /S failed me. The files were “sort-of” there.

Copied and pasted from Explorer and things are normal.


I agree with Brian, only reports of plugins not loading with 2022r1 in windows are plugins that need to be updated.

There are reports that even the MSOfficeAutomatization plugin is having problems on some Windows/Mac/Linux systems not loading the ‘Office’ part.


I’m still using 22r0 from MBS because we haven’t had time to vet the 22r1 release. It took 3 weeks to get Xojo 22r1 OK’d. Under the new development requirements, I can’t just switch design/build platforms like I could back at TOLIS Group :slight_smile:

Unfortunately though, that seems to be the problem. You’ll have to add vetting the plugin updates to your time cost of upgrading to 2022r1.

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@Tim_Parnell - You missed my note about XCOPY being the cause above. MBS 22r0 and the latest Einhuger work fine now.

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Ah glad it’s working for you now :slight_smile:
Sorry to ■■■■ in. Updating my projects for 2022r1 hasn’t been as smooth as I’d have liked.

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I feel that! I’m only using it for new project development.