2023R3 will not run on Win 7

Hello all,

Did 2023 R3 drop support for Win7?

Also, once I found that the compiled app would not run, I went back to 2023R2. However, with that version now the WebLabels do not show up - anywhere.

Ideas anyone?

According to the deprecations documentation, 2022r3 was the last IDE to support Windows 7, so I’m surprised you got 2023r2 working.

I’m not sure about your WebLabels issue. This is of course where everyone is going to tell you to use source control, but as far as an actual solution – I’m sorry I have nothing.

Hi Tim,
I do have backups, so that is not a huge problem. However my test computer is an old Win7 guy…

Thanks for your feedback!

If it’s just for testing have you tried Remote Debug? It allows you to debug in another environment while connected to the IDE. I find it super useful.

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Yes, I have used that in other applications. I can run the app on my Win10 machine, but like to have it on another for reference and internal testing.

I’ll find a way -
Thank you again,

R3 is trying to fix a problem with WebLabel light/dark mode, so it changes the Text Color, if you go back to R2 that color change makes the text not visible.

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Hi Alberto

In my case, the text does not appear in the IDE OR when compiled. Is there any known way to correct this?

Thank you,

I think you have two options if you already saved your project with R3:

  1. Use 2023R3
  2. If using 2023R2, change the color for each WebLabel

I haven’t tested this much.

Edit: from my tests, the opacity setting is changed, so the text/color are still there but opacity 0%

I slightly remember reading somewhere that 2023r3 would be the last version able to build apps for Windows 7 (even if not supported since 2022 r3). I’m surprised.