2023R2 - WebToolbar Button disable is broken

2023R2 [![2022R2]

2023R1.1 [![2023_R1.1]
2023 R1.1

2023R2 - WebToolbar Button disable is broken (#73700) · Issues · Xojo Inc / Xojo · GitLab

Bad Bug (for me) it breaks app logic :frowning:
(and yes … i know how to fix … but a lot of (dynamic) toolbars in a lot of classes) :frowning:

Silly mistake, because when testing, one somehow doesn’t click on disabled buttons. Only users (who shouldn’t have permissions for the disabled functions) naturally try that."

Simple solution: (if you dont do spooky dynamic things like me)

In Toolbar ‘pressed’ event.

if item.Enabled=false then exit

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Thank you for reporting this Andreas, I’ve just sent a fix and it will be included in the next available release.