2023R2 Bootstrap.min.css and Web Dialog centering Problem

I have encountered an issue with 2023R2 where If I open a previous project that has a bootstrap.min.css file I have been using for a couple of years, the Modal WebDialog no longer centers horizontally on the web page. I’m not sure what may have changed between 2023R1.1 and R2 to cause this and if there is a fix. I can certainly move back to using R1.1 but if there is a simple fix for this that anyone has found please let me know.

2023R2 updates Bootstrap to version 5. You need to remove or update your bootstrap.min.css appropriately. You will otherwise see a number of issues in element display.

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Ahhhh. Version 5. Any recommendations for a tool to update my current v4 bootstrap file to v5?

I haven’t used/searched for a tool to do that.

Did you create the bootstrap theme? maybe you can use an online tool to make the same changes.

Did you download the bootstrap theme? maybe the page/provider now offers Bootstrap 5 version for download.

There’s the manual route following the migration documentation, or if someone else (or a theme generator) created your theme, you can look for an updated version as @AlbertoD says.

I did quite a lot of color pallet adjustments on the theme. If there is an updated one I’ll have to do all of that again if there’s no reasonable tool to update it, and that is provided the same theme is available in version 5.