2023r1.1 Release Notes?

Any idea when the release notes for 2023r1.1 are going to be available? The last version that’s on the docs site is 2023r1 and when I tell it to look for 1.1, I get this page:



They’re linked to from Dana’s original announcement.

Interesting. I get a 404 going to that link. Time to reboot.

Notes for Xojo 2023r1.1

  • Bugs fixed: 14
  • Documentation changes: 1
  • Examples changed: 1
Revision Issue Type Category Platform Description
59846 72396 Bug Framework Linux The DragEnter event now gets triggered again when dragging an external item (i.e. a drag that’s initiated outside of a Xojo app) onto a DesktopUIControl. However, while the DragItem is populated for that event, only the Action parameter contains anything useful.
59844 72421 Bug IDE Using the Code Editor to swap lines within a Select Case statement no longer will cause the IDE to freeze in certain situations.
59766 72320 Bug Framework iOS DesktopChart / MobileChart labels doesn’t overlap when there are too many labels regarding the control width & amount of values to represent in Line / Bar modes.
59757 72332 Bug Framework iOS Fixed a regression on iOS when sending a Notification with UserData.
59740 69779 Bug IDE iOS Fixed a bug that was leading the IDE to crash when inspecting a MobileTextField (iOS).
59739 72275 Bug IDE macOS Fixed the bug causing the IDE to crash when there are a lot of controls in a window on macOS, that has been introduced in 2023r1.
59737 68842 Bug IDE iOS The iPhone model selector has been updated to include more recent ones for the Layout Editor on iOS projects.
59736 72261 Bug IDE Fixed caret position when pasting into the Debugger Filter on Windows.
59735 72262 Bug IDE Windows Fixed bug in the Debugger Filter crashing the IDE under certain scenarios.
59734 72258 Bug IDE The debugger filter keeps now the sort order for the Name column when the filter text is deleted.
59733 72251 Bug IDE Windows Pressing the Clear button in the Debugger filter clears now the text in the field as expected on Windows.
59731 72241 Bug IDE Swapping or duplicating a line on a long method no longer moves it to the center of the code editor first.
59730 72020 Bug IDE Linux Running/Building a project no longer crashes on newer distros of Linux that have newer versions of the GTK WebKit2 libraries installed (for example Ubuntu 22.04).
59691 72205 Bug Framework Linux Dragging and dropping a file now correctly fires the DropObject event again.
72304 Bug Documentation Picture.Formats enumeration has been updated to indicate additional formats that are supported for iOS.
72403 Bug Examples Switched Dim to Var in the code for this example.

As my beta did not ask for an upgrade, I guess both are the same.

Your beta may be build 59822 and the release is 59845.

Yes, it is, so Xojo should issue an upgrade advertisement for anything below because my says it is up to date.

Unfortunately the case I’d been hoping for didn’t make the cut.

Which was that? #72275 was also a fix for #72225. Just in case.

There is no issue visible with this number.

Yes, I pointed out that item #72275 was unreachable. It was private because it had a private project attached. I suggested that they switch to my report for the release notes as it described the same problem, but it wasn’t changed.

Both are…

#72225 isn’t confidential.

I do not talked about confidential or…

Only not visibles:

I could have say “removed from the list I searched”.

It is closed, you need to choose closed at the top of the screen. By default it only shows open cases. :slight_smile:

Guys. These two cases have nothing to do with my comment or this thread. My case was about entitlements and was not fixed in 1.1.

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I was pointing out that the release notes for 2023r1.1 were broken, which is related to this thread.