2022r3 macOS Desktop App System Requirements

The system requirements for macOS desktop apps built with 2022r3 lists macOS 10.14 as the minimum requirement.

Is that correct or has someone accidentally copied the IDE requirements into the desktop app requirements?

The reason i’m querying it is that 2022r1 lists macOS 10.10.5 as the minimum for desktop apps so it seems quite a big jump to now make macOS 10.14 the minimum.

From memory… it’s certainly possible that:

A. Something was added to the framework that requires 10.14.
B. A change was made to get things to run on macOS 13 which requires at least 10.14 to prevent crashes.
C. A change in Xcode version when compiling frameworks broke the ability to build for older systems.

Keep in mind, macOS 10.10 was released eight years ago in 2014. It’s certainly possible that Apple broke this because they don’t care about things that are > 3 years old. Just out of curiosity, wouldn’t a machine that maxed out at 10.10 have been manufactured around 2009?

It is old, but at the same time people usually keep Macs around much longer than Windows computers.

Having 10.14 as the minimum really cuts off a lot of users from running your app (we would lose nearly 20%).

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just made a test app with xojo 2022r3, on my high sierra 10.13 macos
both the IDE and the compiled app works fine
it’s just that they support from 10.14.
if you find a bug that is under <10.14 it will not be taken into account.


Thanks for testing this.

I’ve actually logged a case in the feedback system about this as 10.14 seems too new to me.

I did the 10.14+ jump last year

And yes, I vaguely remember an user having trouble with 10.13 while in 10.14 it worked.