2022r1 broke System.PenPressure and System.PenButtonPushed on macOS

my project throws syntax errors and won’t build now

From the release notes:
67845 Framework > Desktop Removed unused/unsupported System.PenButtonPushed, PenPressure and PenType.

I can’t seem to open the feedback case about the change.

right, I missed this “improvement” in the release notes. I can’t open the feedback either. Why on earth would xojo remove this call? My app supports tablets, so what’s the alternative to use?

Seems unusual that it wasn’t just deprecated first. Could be worth opening a case about it, you never know.


For those without the Feedback appplication, Xojo staff have commented that these functions were removed without being deprecated because they were non-operating (which I think is the right decision).

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fair enough, but these worked very well in RS, and i’d like to see them in Xojo too

(I was just trying to make the conversation there transparent, I don’t really have a stake in this and I wish you the best! Are plugins a solution? Have you checked with @Christian_Schmitz if he has anything?)

Thx Tim, yes looks like a 3rd party solution will be required.