2022 R3.1 editor slower than 3.0

Has anyone noticed since updating to R3.1 that Xojo editor is slower than R3?

On a reasonable sized project I have selecting a field in the visual editor takes 3.5 seconds and usually produces a spinning beach ball for a few seconds.

I am running on Montery, 32gb M1Max MacBook Pro. I do not remember R3 having similar slow downs.

With just a project loaded, watching activity monitor, just clicking on any control in the Xojo editor causes xojo to jump to 100% CPU use for a short time.

I just opened a sample project with release 3 and the field selection is near instant. CPU never gets above say 18% or so on peaks during editor use.

I think something is wrong with 3.1 editor. Any one else?

Do you have overlapping Controls ?

Can you be more specific? Do you mean controls that perhaps are sized so they are partly over other controls?

I don’t think so.

Ok so I opened my current project in R3 and I do notice the same slow down. So I’m wondering what is wrong with this project?

I recently ran the tool to convert it to API 2.0 but not much else has changed.

That’s it.

Have-you tried 3.2 ?

What else did you try ?
(Run Disk Utils, run from another User, run from another computer, check yopu have more than 100GB of free SSD space, Run only Xojo - no other application -, clear the cache…)

Hi Emile,

I downloaded 3.2 and got it setup. That is definitely better. The delay on control selection is more more like normal.

Not sure what was wrong with 3.1 and it was not giving me notice to update either. I didn’t know 3.2 was out and ready.

Anyway thanks for the responses. Back to work now!


They fixed an issue with nested tab panels in 3.2. I suspect this is what you are seeing.

@Paul_Rodman Mark wrote earlier:

But if I am capable to forget, I may not be alone… ;-:slight_smile:

Hi all, thank you for the replies. This is what makes any tool great is getting good support from the company and the users.

My app does in fact have nested tab panels. There is a main tab panel to select function, then in several of those tabs there are sub tab panels to select additional options.

3.2 seems to fix the issue. Thanks again all!

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