2022 R2 IDE Hangs at loading frameworks

I have just installed 2022 R2 and the IDE is hanging on startup at the loading Frameworks. I tried a re-install - same issue. - went back to 2022 R1.1 an dunfortunately now th esam e- it was fine yesterday. Had anyone else experienced this or know of a fix ?

I’m on WIn 11 Pro and OS updates are up to date.

I’ve had similar problems with Xojo 2022r1 and Ventura beta. After deleting the caches Xojo started again. I don’t know where the Xojo caches are on Windows.

Hi Beatrix - many thanks for the response. I think i have just found the issue - its related to Windows file explorer. I disabled the quick access and deleted file explorer history. Then XOJO loaded OK. I need to reboot the PC and see if still OK. I noticed File explorer was really slow at opening largish folders.