2022 Black Friday / Cyber Weekend Deals

Hi everyone!

I usually organize some kind of list of great software at great prices, but I haven’t seen many great deals this year. Even after searching a bit, I haven’t found much worth sharing.

I have found iShowU Studio at BundleHunt which is a great Screenflow replacement if you’re looking for one.

While we’re talking deals, let me tell you about my offer for Lifeboat. It has never been on sale before. Due to a number of factors, the price will be increasing on Dec 1st. Cyber Weekend is the last opportunity to grab the current pricing!! That’s the deal :slight_smile:

Have you found any good deals out there? Please share them here!
I also welcome other vendors to post their deals here. (if any, and when you’re ready)

Happy holidays! Stay safe and stay healthy.

Best wishes,
Tim Parnell


For MBS Plugins, there will be a Black Friday offer: 20% on new licenses.

We’ll especially invite people with long outdated licenses to come back.
Or anyone who needs an additional one.

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Friday through Monday you’ll be able to grab GraffitiSuite Web, Desktop, or All Access Edition for 20% off the first year using code CYBER2022.

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Those look like great products in general at BundleHunt but their payment system does nothing when you finally get to click the final Purchase button, it just reloads the shopping cart screen. No email sent to the email I gave them, no charge (yet anyway) to the credit card provided. All that has happened is they’ve collected my email and credit card into, which is a little disturbing. I decided to just cancel out and keep an eye on my credit card online for awhile, lol.

They use Stripe to process, so your credit card information is safe. I have used BundleHunt in the past, they are legitimate. I usually use the PayPal option (you can use your card through that option too).

I have participated 2 times in a BundleHunt bundle. Yamila usually answers every support request very quickly. However, during this bundle she will be swamped.

I have 20% coupon for new Einhugur Plugin pack licenses:


(valid from now to end of the month)


I’ll add that all of the Xojo Modules on piDog.com are on sale for 20% off through Friday. Includes all new licenses and renewals.

I’m working on several updates and some new items, so now is a good time to grab a license or update an outdated one if you’ve been considering it.


XDevMag and XDevLibrary also run a sale:

Thanksgiving is here and you get to save in our biggest sale of the year this weekend! Now through Monday (Nov. 28), take advantage of our generosity and get 20% off just about everything at our stores!

Just use coupon code CYBERMONDAY to get the discounted price during checkout.

For xDev Magazine, this means 20% off subscriptions, renewals, books, bundles, and more! The only limitation is the minimum order amount must be at least $25 and already-discounted bundles (such as the popular “Welcome to Xojo” bundle) are excluded.

xDev Magazine Order Center

For xDevLibrary, you can save 20% on all digital books, articles, tutorials, and more – just about everything offered on the store! Just use coupon code CYBERMONDAY to get the discounted price during checkout.


This is a once-a-year sale, but it only lasts through CyberMonday (Nov. 28, 2022). Hurry to take advantage of the great deals!

Tower is having a 50% off sale:

Are there any black friday or cyber monday deals on xojo desktop license ?, I’ve been holding out for a little discount :slight_smile:

The deal was last week Steve.

Well this is crap, why didnt i get a notification?, I’ve been waiting for this, not impressed :frowning:

So it only lasts a f*ing week…, screw it then…

You can check your accounts marketing email setting here, I received an email at the start and on the final day of Xojo’s sale.

Another offer has come across my desk:

You can grab the whole 12-app bundle for a deal, or pick individual apps at 50%

Thanks Tim, I will check my acount marketing settings… but im still not buying without a deal, sorry guys :frowning:

Just sent you a PM about this @Steve_Dorn, hopefully we can help :slight_smile:


MBS Thanksgiving Sale

For this year’s Thanksgiving in America, we offer again discounted licenses for our MBS Xojo Plugins.
Please use coupon code BlackFriday for our web shop to order new licenses with a 20% discount. This includes DynaPDF and LibXL.

Order MBS Xojo Plugins
Order LibXL

If you have special needs, you can email us to get an invoice or Paypal payment link directly. We know some people need to wait till next week to order, so the offer is valid till Tuesday.

Second if you have purchased previously an individual MBS Xojo Plugin part from the Complete Set within the last two years, but not the whole set, we offer you an upgrade to the Complete set for the update price. Please consider to get the whole collection of 40 plugins instead of just one plugin.

Valentina Studio Single which is normally $79 is $29 through Cyber-Monday 2022. If you are working with a single database type (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc) and don’t need all the features of Pro (Reports, Forms, some other stuff), then this is a good one.

It includes 12 months of updates and you can use it later to RENEW your way up to Pro.