2021r3 IDE Loading in project item sidelist


Installed 2021r3 on both Windows (11) and Mac (Big Sur) to try it out. My project is a bit heavy and still in old API (did not convert yet).

I have an issue when navigating through the project item in the left sidelist.

When I select a folder or a window, a progress wheel happens on macOS and xojo freeze on windows for a few seconds (around 3 seconds) but this happens nearly everytime I select a new item (single selection).

Even when I select a window, select an other folder and get back to the same window, the loading happens.

I did not notice that on 2021r2.1.

Am I the only noticing that?


Yes, I noticed that too (macOS Monterey, M1). Light/dark theme or the number of open tabs do not seem to make any difference, there is a delay every time I select an item in the Project list.

Is there anything I can share or is it an issue known by Xojo?

There was a similar problem in the first betas of 2021r3. But that was fixed. I’m on a not-super fast MacBook Air with Monterey. My large project has about 650 project items. Selecting in the navigator isn’t fast but it’s okay.

You know what to do:

  • Check different project formats. Usually, text is the slowest.
  • Check different users on your computer.
  • Check with a different computer.
  • Make a video.
  • And finally do a Feedback case.

thank you,

Created a feedback case
Tested it on different computers and the issue still occurs
Will try a different project format then record a video of it.


My project is quite large, around 1100 items

Same issue happens in binary format and just attached a video to the feedback report.

How many methods do you have in the project? You can find that out with Arbed from Thomas Templemann. There is a script to count everything in a project.

I made a test project with a couple of classes and 3000 classes. Xojo 2021r3 is as slow as 2021r2 when navigating through the project.

Output from Arbed:
Methods: 20578
Code lines: 157687 (56078 distinct ones)
Comment lines: 24780
Empty lines: 36252
Total lines: 218719