2021r3.1; MBS22; SQLConnectionMBS;

How can I setup the SQLConnectionMBS to prevent the error
“SQLDatabaseMBS not initialized!”
when using
MyRowSet = MyConnection.SQLSelectAsRowSet(SQL)
I checked the IsConnected and can prepare statements; but this concenience method does not work.

I will first do a workaround with SQLCommandMBS but would like to now how this could work, too…
Cmd.AsRowSet() gets same error…

Thanks a lot for help!

Please add somewhere a line like

dim db as new SQLDatabaseMBS

so Xojo includes SQLDatabaseMBS plugin part.

Thanks a lot!
This works and is needed to be declared only once in my register method for plugins.

For explanation.

We have two plugin segments there.
One is pure SQL and other is SQLDatabase with RecordSet.
So you can only use RecordSet/RowSet functions, if the second part is included in the compiled app.