2021r1 weblistbox row heights?

Since 2020r21 weblistbox height was HUGE, so I found a fix using WebListBoxStyleRenderer

But in 2021r1 it does not work anymore as it used to. So how can I set row heights? You need a 24" display to see 20 listbox rows…

Can you share the code and how it looks in 2020 and 2021?

I’m sure someone will help you.

I am able to format them using WebListBoxStyleRenderer, but I can’t get the cell value.

I tried getting CellValueAt(listbox1.SelectedRowIndex, 0) and listbox1.SelectedRowValue

I get a JSON formatted string like this instead of cell value.


Why are rows so large by default that they need this tricky formatting anyway?

If your code worked with 2020 but not with 2021 maybe @Greg_O_Lone can comment on the changes made.

I can’t find an easy way to change that, I thought I did here:

but Xojo framework is calculating the scroll area based on the default height so it shows a lot of space below the last item. Sorry.

But seriously how to read the value of the cell in a weblistbox that is formatted with WebListBoxStyleRenderer ?

I get a JSON formatted string like this instead of text that is in the cell. And without that renderer hack the rows are HUGE.