2021r1.1 IDE much slower

Anybody else seeing DRAMATICALLY SLOWER IDE PERFORMANCE after upgrading to 2021r.1.1 (macOS; high-end MacPro)?

No, not even a little.

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Not at all.

macOS 10.15.7, 2018 Mac mini. 20 Plugins (MBS & Einhugur).

Are you using an external 4K monitor?
Customers are reporting my app slows to a crawl when one is used…

Upgrading from?

I use two 4K monitors with my Mac mini. Doesn’t seem to make any difference to me.

Edit: I also don’t use DarkMode (personal preference) and don’t store my project files in a “cloud” drive folder. As well, I always keep the Xojo IDE toolbar hidden (takes up too much space).

Hope that helps.


Where is your slowdown ? Load / Save ? Window Design ? Code writing ?

Did you follow the usual things to do in that case ?

(clear Xojo cache, reboot, do not run multiples applications, check the SSD wth Disk Utils, have more than 50GB of Free SSD space, etc. ?)

At last, if your MacPro fans are cryng loud (fast speed), this means your computer is hot / the computer slow down the CPU to avoid more heat… to not burn it.


Window design, editing code, etc. but especially when switching IDE tabs.

I run dual 28" 4K displays on my M1 Mini, running in Dark Mode. No slowness whatsoever here.

Using two external 5k monitors.

I have a Module which is shared between all my projects (Methods and Variables). When I open many projects which have alias of this Module then the IDE slow down a lot.
Except that, I didn’t notice slow down (I’m under Mojave).

Try Get Info and tick ‘Open in Low resolution’, just to see if it makes a difference…?

Don’t have too many long-list tabs open, and turn off Time Machine if it is causing slowdowns.

How many opened windows in Xojo ?

Varies but doesn’t seem to matter if it’s 1 or 8.

Yes on a MBP 2017 a bit and daramtically on a Dell Precision Notebook with Win 10.
Works just fine on my MB Air with M1 Chip.

Some technical trainers says to their people to always close all windows as soon as possible.

This leads to funny situations when a guy close a window and needs it some seconds later but forget where to go to reopen it (in the Explorer)…
I am tired to tell that guy to NT close windows (when we will need it some times later…) I even addded a special Window in the software he use to open some key location folders (Applicaton, Data / Specific datas folders).