2020x - removal of WebDialog types et al?

Anybody (Xojo or otherwise) know what is happening with WebDialogs in 2020 onwards?

I am slowly exploring all of the things that are broken with our current main and sizeable web application (v2019 and prior), and discovering more and more that feel like total show-stoppers to a conversion to 2020r# onwards.

My latest discovery is that WebDialogs have next to no configurable parameters. Despite the missing parameters (like type(!)) still appearing in the help files, they are neither in the design time inspector or accessible in code.

Please tell me this is an oversight in the current release, and not a true removal, or my application is toast.

the different dialog modes have been removed.

But you can bring the “Palette” behavior back by using jQueryUI->draggable.

Since Xojo WebFW 2.0 uses jQuery you can simply integrate jQ-UI. And with a bit of Javascript, CSS and best with a subclass of your Webdialog, this feature is back in minutes

I think my major concern here is that while there is a lot of stuff in help page for WebDialog, it differs from a general search on WebDialog (which add additional things), yet in the inspector there is only Width and Height.

Has it been confirmed that they are staying removed, or is this yet another ‘unfinished’ feature?

It seems to me that more and more of how my application needs to be re-written is using JS rather than Xojo.


And therein lies the rub on my end - I now need to learn more than Xojo to get Xojo to build the tools that I’ve designed. Why do I need to use Xojo, in that case? I created our web apps using Web 1.0 and didn’t need to add a single non-Xojo line of code.




@Lars_Lehmann - did you ever actually get this to work Lars? Rather than use jQuery I did it using raw JS, but I could only get it working for a control on the dialog. Using the call on the Dialog itself does nothing, and I’m guessing it is because the Dialog comes in by default as modal and locked in position.

@Tim_Jones - absolutely.

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Stick with 19r3 or earlier for now. I use standalone build mode and things are still good.

@Tim_Jones - yeah, going to have to. It just rankles that to maintain a live application I’ve got to use a development environment that has essentially been superseded and won’t get bug updates. Even as it was (without this new issue), we estimated (with everything else we need to be doing) a 2 year conversion time to move it to 2020rx.

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But using Javascript with a Xojo control is a hack, and could end not working in the next version withouth a rewrite of the hack.

And as others said, if you need to learn JS for the most basic stuff, why not do it the app directly on JS?


Two of mine would be complete rewrites. You can’t accomplish my UX design ideas with bootstrap and I’m not interested in becoming a webmaster - especially since I’m not creating a website.

Well, look at the bright side, you can save the money from those 2 years licenses :upside_down_face:,

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TBH, I think thats the way that we are going with it - we built a lot of custom controls (without using SDK) but which are broken because of changes to the underlying web controls - just removing the click/pressed event from labels has broken a vast amount of it.

At the end of the day, a full rebuild looks like it will not only be easier, but safer to be able to validate and verify everything as its coming back up.

I wish :smiley: That part ‘and everything else that needs doing’ means that we still have to fork out for it. We have a few apps that have monthly or even weekly releases, as well as new development, which mean we can’t really get out of it :crazy_face:

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