2020R2.1 Font Size

In 2020R2.01 I had code in a Paint event that did

g.fontsize = somevalue

Font has changed in 2020R2.1 - this code fails to compile.

G.font.size = somevalue doesnt work

Given that .size is readonly on the new Font object, how the fudge do I change the size now?

Help for Graphics: (none of this works)

Sub Paint(g As Graphics)
g.Bold = True
g.Italic = True
g.FontName = “Helvetica”
g.FontSize = 18
g.DrawText(“The quick brown fox”, 10, 50)

I got it to work with
g.font = new font( Name, size)

but I don’t really understand why we need to keep creating a ‘new’ font each time (unless that is what was happening under the hood previously when using .fontsize = X)

In any case, the docs need amending

The ease of Realbasic is going away.

We’d like to set properties and under the hood Xojo can recreate whatever OS font object is needed.




see feedback case 63117 - some graphics properties are not available on IOS