2020r1 web project

I’m following some important and also worrying discussions.
mainly concerning the migration from Web 1.0

I think I missed another thing (otherwise, I ask now):
the 2020r1 version already allows to create and release to customers a new professional web project (not a migration)?

for example: an accounting application, MySql/SqlServer (via MBS plugin), Einhugur plugins, dozens and dozens of users connected simultaneously, etc.

Yes, you can create and deploy both converted and new apps using 2020r1.

There is no question: you can convert and in parts rewrite because Web 2.0 has not in all cases the same syntax and you can then ship your application. No Problem.

you will just find that many things from web 1 are not available in web 2, will “soon” but not now.
may be 2020r2 or r3 will be ok. don’t move big web projects to web 2 it’s not ready at all.
of course you can train yourself in 2020r1 with simple new projects to understand web 2

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Reading your comments here and elsewhere, I would have expected more doubts.
keeping in mint that my target isn’t an experiment, but I would like to create a working and marketable application, as I wrote before.
but I’m glad there is trust after all, so I will try to create a new project.
I hope it is the right decision.

My strategy, like many others, is that I won’t be converting long-running, pre-existing Web 1.0 apps any time soon. For new projects, I am using Web 2.0, including my main project for a large client right now. Yes, some things are missing from 2020r1 but I know that, ultimately, I will have much more modern and robust web apps.


thank you Gavin,
I got it, it was very clear.
have you done something for flex layout too?
or do you prefer to wait for the next releases?