2019r32 - IDE

Using the Xojo IDE (Windows), it happens to me several times that the right mouse button no longer works.
If I close and reopen the project, the right button starts working again.
Similar behaviors sometimes occur with other commands (e.g. Ctrl-C followed by Ctrl-V).
did someone else detect these (or similar) problems?
is there a solution?
thank you.

Does this happen with more than 1 Xojo project or is it just 1 in particular?

It’s happened under Linux always and under windows from time to time, 2020r1.2 is a bit better

In the last few days I’ve been working with only one project.
but I think it also happened with another project last week.

Would you mind trying out 2020r1.2? As Thorsten mentioned, maybe it will work better for you.

Jason it is a bit of a problem cause if you wrote your Webapps for example in 2019r3.2 you may not hav any chance to change without rewriting your app

i can agree that this bug exists in 2020r1.1 too.
i need to close and open the project and then the context menu appear.

What happens for me now and then is that I can’t edit text anymore. Closing and opening the project makes editing possible again. Xojo 2019r3 on High Sierra.

Beatrix - If you ⌘-Tab to a different app and then ⌘-Tab back to Xojo, does IDE become responsive again?

I’ve had similar problems with IDE “locking” and switching to another app and back with ⌘-Tab has “fixed” the problem.

I see what you’re saying Thorsten. Maybe some of the workarounds in this thread will help Giacomo in 2019r3.2

I’ve also had this with 2019 and newer (on macOS 10.15). Drives me nuts. Sometimes it doesn’t happen for a long time, then sometimes it happens within moments of re-opening the project. I had narrowed it down to being external objects that are saved in the Xojo binary format.

Doesn’t happen in 2018.

I can’t speak for Beatrix, but when it happens to me, switching away and switching back doesn’t help.

Importing the external, making the needed modifications, and then re-exporting is how I get around it.

I only work with external items. But mine are in xml.

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unfortunately I can’t convert my project. too hard.
I hope to create a new project with the last 2020 version.
but it will not happen soon.
thank you.