2019R2 is OK

I know there will be all sorts of criticism against 2019R2, but for once, I want to voice satisfaction.

Thanks to 2019R2 which now supports Gif and Tiff, I was able to add that to Check Writer III+/Check Print’R+ in a few minutes.

My app compiles quite happily, and I now submitted the two versions in the MAS.

I have not yet tried to convert to API 2. I am not sure I will do that, even. Why try to fix which is not broken ?

I did add an Opening event in a class that needed it, but that is the extent of the conversion :smiley:

I think most reviews of 2019r2 stated that if you could just move forward and not have to go back and forth that things would mostly be ok. Not everyone can.
I am glad its working for you

same feelings here…

To build for the future ? :wink:

If we check our code which is still in API1 it’s not very usefull and we have hundred of alerts, that’s why I will try to change to API2. And effectivly to prepare the future.
It’s not easy but it could have been great to have two verify levels, one to check API1 and one to check all (API2).

But we have to say and applause the wonderfull work made by Xojo team. Is it is some work for us to update our code to API2, I suppose it has been a huge work for them.

True this is a good release and change in my opinion. It is a move in the right direction. However, we should be careful because, with some new project, I lost syntax colouring and auto-completion. I don’t know the reason, but if you experience the same, just when you find out, choose a new project and copy your code and it works fine again.

I hope the Xojo-team will continue on the path they are following now. There are disadvantages but the advantages are higher. I am more than willing to learn new things.

Thank you Xojo-team for your excellent work. Keep up!


Wanted to pitch in with the same comment.

Older projects had no issues opening.

New projects use the new API and it’s jarring to switch back and forth, so I may migrate my projects earlier only because of this.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was not being able to compile because a plugin I wasn’t using hadn’t been updated. I had last year’s version of MBS SQL and Xojo complained it wasn’t supporting the new prepared statements functions, even if I wasn’t using the plugin in my project. I removed the plugin and could compile.

Just for fun I ran Analyze Project to see the amount of work that would take migrating. I’ll have to set aside a considerable amount of time :smiley:

Nonetheless, most of the problems are related to only a handful of problems that are used many many times, so it’ll be extensive but easy work.

Great work, Xojo Team!

Since I’m on a very slow internet connection, this morning I went to the nearby town and downloaded Xojo2019r2.
Back home I tested 8 apps of mine, and overall I’m satisfied., especially since I make a fair use of macOSLib.
BTW: I’ve not moved to Catalina yet; still using last release of Mojave.

The first app stumbled only at five or six lines in macOSLib > FileManager module, but since my apps do not make use of those particular methods, it was enough for me to comment those lines, copy the FileManager module, and paste it in the other apps I went on to test. To be precise, at present there is a malfunctioning function of this module that I need in one app only, and I’ll ask assistance on the forum.

The only other issue was with addressbook; but thanks to Thomas ROBISSON’s post (in another post) I was ready to correct it into:
var book as new addressbook, and commenting its following line: //book = system.addressbook. Although addressbook is deprecated, correction in LR would be appreciated.
I’ll continue testing and building other apps.

Will I ever convert to API 2? I do not think so. Quoting Michel (first entry above): Why try to fix which is not broken?
Eventually my MBP (late 2013, 8 Giga memory) is dealing with Xojo19r2 pretty well, probably because my apps are not that huge.

So, thank you Xojo-team, but promise you stop adding changings in language (choose a happy smiley).

You really want to test your apps under Catalina. It’s full of surprises. In a bad way :confused:

@Michel Bujardet You really want to test your apps under Catalina.

Waiting for next Catalina update.

Have you seen the new beta ?
(no, I don’t)

No, I have not.

[quote=458115:@Carlo Rubini]@Michel Bujardet You really want to test your apps under Catalina.

Waiting for next Catalina update.[/quote]

Customers are not waiting for the next update. I got a support request from a user who was under Catalina this morning.

And guess what happens as soon as news your App is not Catalina ready go round…

A new Catalina beta is released ?