2019r2 Builds folder Icon ?

Is it a side effect of the 2019r2 install ?

Now, I have a document icon (El Capitan) on my Builds folders…

Why ?

This is a folder, not a document (nor a bundle): even old Builds folders have that custom Xojo document icon (the xojo_binary_project icon).

Builds folder generated some times ago and also those I just create.

Did you get that too ?

My build folders in R2 suddenly have .xojo_binary_project or .xojo_project appended to the ends.

This wasn’t the case in R1.1 and makes it annoying and misleading.

So i get:
Builds - MyApplication.xojo_project

For example

That is what I have: Builds - Chart Maker.xojo_binary_project
. If I add an endig character or remove the last one (t), the icon change to the default OS folder.

Some old Builds folder also have this file name schema (I have one dated of: January 27, 2018)…


It does appear its a side effect of installing R2

OK, thank you Norman: a concern less.

Nota: I do not know if this is related, but I had troubles with JDownloader (2): slow download speed and the speed appears in red. I trashed some files, the speed comes back, the speed value is back to black.

JDownloader is a download manager: you give it an url (to file or folder) and it download it for you (if it can).