2018r4 running slow!

I’m working on a brand new 2018 rMBP with 32Gb of memory and the IDE is painfully slow. It takes several seconds to draw controls on the windows, etc.

Any suggestions?

Install VirtualBox / install Windows 10 / Download Xojo 2018r4 for Windows, run it, load your project…
Still slow IDE ?

Please do a search on this forum for threads named like yours.
There is a problem with Mojave and GroupBoxes currently, but in some cases there seem to be different causes for IDE slowdowns on a Mac which usually was the fastest IDE platform.

EDIT: https://forum.xojo.com/51459-been-said-before-i-ll-say-it-again-ide-is-sooo-slow

Thanks for the suggestions! I will try using Windows 10, but the main reason for us to go with Xojo was to get away from Windows.

I did do a search on the topic before posting and it seemed that many of the issues were with other versions. That is why I started one with 2018r4. Again, thanks for the help!

Hope we can resolve this issue.

It’s been verified: <https://xojo.com/issue/54205>

@Tim Jones Thanks for the update! How do I get to the Feedback pages. I click on your link and it goes nowhere.

@Nathan, Feedback is a Xojo application, not a website. You need to have it installed to use it.
See the Feedback section here: https://www.xojo.com/download/extras.php

Also, if you are running on Linux, you may need to manually open the Feedback app and enter the report ID (54205) in the search field as sometimes Linux doesn’t propagate the feedback:// URI.

Thanks guys! That was fast! Feedback app installed.

I see that your issues are with Linux. Hope they address OS X as well. Its unusable at the moment. How soon do you think they will issue a fix?

That’s not part of the ticket above but, under others, <https://xojo.com/issue/53864>

I suspect that once this is sorted that it will improve things across the board.

I stand corrected. Yes, slowdowns after some time of work seem to be IDE-related, not platform-specific.

Do you guys know what is the last stable version of Xojo that actually works?

Uhm. This is not a joke, but it actually depends on which features you are trying to use.

I still use 2016r3 for GTK2 environments. 2017r3 is also pretty stable for GTK3 but also exhibits the slow down over time.

And, 2018r4 works, you just need to restart every so often.

2017r3 has been running stellar for me for the past year.

Though I renewed my licenses, waiting for the gremlins to get out before I make my next jump.

I went back to 2017r3. With 2018r2 , I was getting a weird crash error when closing out the applications. On the Mac the application would throw an error, while in the windows environment a process would be left running rogue which really cause some problems in the server environment. Although 2018r4 solved the crashing error, the IDE is painfully slow to work with. Which is why I chose to go back to 2017r3.