[2018r3] No message when the Mouse is in the red bug in the debugger

The subject line says all:

Manage to get a bug to be in the debugger (by, for example, trying to populate a non existing Row of a Listbox to get an OutOfRangeException) and run the project:

You will get a red bug at the left of the offending line. Usually, with previous versions (not Xojo 2018r3), I get a text clue in the Code Editor (the Debugger in that case) bottom.

Not with Xojo 2018r3. And you ?

After further research, there are cases where the error help is displayed:

Me.Cell(100,100) "OutOfBoundsException?"

In this case, the text is displayed.

The above text is not an error: I wrote it on purpose. WHen an error occure because I’ve made a rel error, at compile (or run) time, no display text.

That said, I really love the way the message pane is hiden between two runs.

Release Notes said:

53173 	IDE 	Messages panel uses the same font and size as the code editor.

But I do not see it. Must I reboot Xojo ?

The messages pane only shows things you send it by calling system.debuglog. You use it as a means to show information that can aid debugging like variables or that you are at certain sections of code for example. If you encounter a bug the program will stop execution and the code window will show the line the error occurred on. Below the code window and above the message pane should be the messages related to the error, where you can browse variables etc.

But often , the code stops with a red bug next to a line of code, but no explanation appears.
( this has literally just happened to me in the last 20 minutes)
Usually it’s a NOE, so thats what I check for first.
But messages do not always get shown. And Im working in 2017 this morning.

Did you fire the Console application and watch what is displayed there ?

Shouldnt have to.

Can you post a screenshot of the entire IDE blurring out any code etc?

I think this happens when the error arise while the code is working. Impossible to do that on purpose (IMHO)

Errors when code is working? ummm :wink:

This is what people calls… a bug.

An OutOfBoundsException who arise at run time (probably).

Put the subject to crash code below in a project with Listbox (MouseMove Event for example), but be sure you do have less than 100 defined Rows:

Me.Cell(100,100) = "OutOfBoundsException?"

I hope this helps:


Thanks. I will check it in the early afternoon (after some eat, my stomac is hungry now ;).)