2018r3 clips drawing some desktop controls in UI designer on macOS (maybe Sierra only?)

Hi all,

I’m relatively new to working with Xojo (having a VB background on Windows, and now using a Mac), so recently decided to try Xojo 2018r2, and then upgraded to 2018r3. On my Mac, which runs Sierra 10.12.6, I can see a few UI tweaks here and there throughout the 2018r3 IDE as were written about yesterday on the Xojo Blog, and all in all, things look pretty good.

However, something I can’t help but notice is that now in the 2018r3 IDE’s designer, in a Desktop project, a few of the controls seem to have their bottom and/or right sides “clipped” by a pixel or two (I know – picky, picky :)), causing them to no longer be completely drawn properly like they were in 2018r2 and earlier. This problem only seems to show up during design mode in the IDE; at runtime, all the controls are rendered fine when the built app runs.

Specifically, the affected desktop controls for me are:

  • PushButton
  • PopupMenu
  • ProgressBar
  • ComboBox

If it sounds like I’m out to lunch, I can attach a screenshot to show what I mean. :slight_smile:

Is anyone else seeing this, either on Sierra like I am or on any other OS/version?

It’s obviously not a big deal, and I’m wondering if this new designer rendering issue might just go away if I were to run on, say, Mojave. (?)

That sounds like this bug:


Yep, that’s the one.