2018R2 Failed to execute Linker. Error 206

Compiling a web app for Rasp Pi on Windows 10 machine, I get the error "Failed to execute Linker. Error 206.

What is this and how to fix?
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Same error message for me, but I know why, just not what to do about it.

Compiling on Windows (But for Linux platform) is causing this error message on a large project. Smaller projects compile fine. Also compiling on a Mac for Linux works fine (same large project)

If you right-click on the link error and copy it, do you get any more info you can share?

This is it:

Linking Executable
Failed to execute linker: Error 206:

Same for me. Seemingly large project (subjective I know). Is the largest I have.

I’ve have not been able to compile the project to Linux on my Windows machine for YEARS! They told me to create and use a Linux machine to do it… Works, but a real PIA. Was hoping we were getting near, and it DOES seem like we are near (er) but not there yet.

@Greg, if you want a copy I can wrap it up and post private.

@Tim Seyfarth — send me a link through a private conversation and I’ll take a look on Monday or Tuesday (I’ve got a terrible cold any may not be in tomorrow).

I’ll do it tomorrow. I have to pack the whole thing up. There’s been a feedback case for years on the same project - but a fresh copy would be better for you I am sure!

Thanks Greg and take care of your cold. Summer colds really suck!

Exactly right. We can’t build big projects on Windows for TargetLinux (64Bit).
And there’s a <https://xojo.com/issue/51734> for that. The latest ScreenShots attached show this error, too.

I’m having this problem as well on a large web app when compiled for ARM. Same error message " “Failed to execute Linker. Error 206.”

I spent a little time on my project adding and deleting classes/windows/etc. About 370 if I count the entries in the project file. If I remove 20-25 of them it will compile. Tried various combination to see if one “large” class made a difference or not. Impact seems to be overall compile size. (My two cents)

I did something similar mine is at 279 objects. I did also move the code over to my Mac and it compiled fine, so it seems like its something with windows compiling for ARM.

Yes, that’s the workaround for now.
The reason is that when building for TargetLinux (64-Bit) on Windows, Xojo still uses some 32Bit helper apps. That’s why we get these “out of memory” (or other resources) error.
Watch <https://xojo.com/issue/51734> to see if there is some progress in upcoming Xojo versions… Or even better: mark it as your top cases, or leave comments and additional info there, so that Xojo is aware that it’s an issue affecting many of their customers.

Got the same error, trying to compile as a standalone app, on Windows 7 Ultimate. 307 objects.
The same happened on Xojo R27.2.1 but without the error message, just Xojo was crashing.
Compiled for x32 Linux it works fine.