2018R2 Error pane shows nothing?! But there are erros!

Hello all

Installed on a new linux machine the recommended linux mint version. When I either run or compile a project that has errors, the compiler/run will stop, the error pain will open, but there is nothing visible. Further, if I click randomly, it will take me to an error - but the list of errors does not appear at all. All of the rest of the IDE is visible fine.

How to fix this???

Every error makes some pain but you really should get on top of autocorrect.

Hi Beatrix.
You miss the point - nothing is visible in the window that lists the errors. Its blank. But if I arbitrarily click on the empty places, it takes me to an error. The point is, it is invisible! The window is up, but no black text.

How to make visible?

Hum… That sounds like a Feedback case!

I have the same issue on Ubuntu 16.04.

Find, Errors and Messages all appear completely blank. It’s made R2 unusable for me. Does Xojo test on Linux before release?

At least I’m not crazy!
Thanks for confirming Daniel


Has anyone crated a feedback case for this one?

I have not