2018R2 - congratulations

I was skeptical during the beta phase because of the troubles with Windows rendering, but I need to say that with today’s release I have confidence again. On Windows desktop is still a bit slower compared to last 2017 release, but no flickering anymore and performance looks acceptable now.
Having read the release notes I am impressed and hope we can hold on to this.
Congratulations to the team !

Thank you Joost for your congratulations (to the Xojo Team). This gives light in my darkness.

For me, not only I am sgarting to not understanding entries in the Release Notes, but… there is nothing for me in this release (once more).

Go figure: last year, I’ve made a test, I opened a main project (for me) in Real Studio and tried to compile it. The project compiles with minor changes (SQLite / REALSQL… for example). It seems that i use nothing from these 5 years of Xojo evolutions…

Thank you Xojo team for fixing the rendering/refresh issues with OpenGL in the 2018r2 release.

Not sure if I can agree with all the hoopla. Initial testing is terribly slow to the point you can see the screens paint. We’re still running 2017r3 (which we consider the last stable release) and we do not see that behavior at all.

There is no way that we could distribute our applications with that behavior. Are we missing something?

Other than updating a couple of Einhuger plugins, we just recompile in 2018r2.

I’ve been avoiding the last few releases due to all the complaints about Windows. I downloaded 2018r2 and opened a project. I was expecting a real horrorshow, but it really wasn’t that bad. Some things, like selecting and moving a control actually seem faster than previous versions. The inspector and library panels scroll smoothly. There is the occasional stutter when, for instance, you start to move the window, but it catches up pretty quickly and moves smoothly from there. I need to update a few things in the app before I can actually run it, but the IDE seems pretty solid so far. To be fair, I haven’t really put it through its paces yet, but I’m encouraged by what I have seen.

I would really like to join the congratulation, bud sadly my main project is still performing terribly on some Windows machines and just so-so on others. It is still not on par with other top current apps. On the other hand, the IDE seems to run a bit better, for my needs it is satisfactory.

I switched back to 2018r1.1 because scrolling lisbox in 2018r2 is flickering ???
That is really ennoying.


I don’t see that. (windows 10)

Good luck all, we finally left Xojo by the end of March this year because it did not meet our quality standards any more.

Where did you decide to go?

My question though is if some of the 64 bit Windows issues have been fixed. has pointed these out quite well and I’ve been bitten by them. I am going to stay away from these until I know they have been fixed.

Tim, the IDE is important, but what about project builds? That is more concerning to me. Speed-wise, our apps started slowing down with 2016r2 and had steadily gotten slower on slower over time with most new builds.

I like the history stack of searches, I think I’ll find that very useful. Thanks too for seemingly dealing with the remaining IDE artefacts that affect the previous version. (I’m still running Mavericks).

Tim, I think when you run a project, you’ll find that the IDE is the least of their problems. I’m going to be posting some video to show what we are experiencing shortly…

We will keep debugging in 32 bits to keep being productive since the 64 bits is still very slow analysing the project.

For some unknown reasons (changes in code maybe?), project analysis is a lot faster in both versions now and debugging in 64 bits is now possible.

2018r1.1 load time : 21 sec.
2018r2 load time : 19 sec.

2018r1.1 project load time : 114 sec.
2018r2 project load time : 31 sec.

2018r1.1 project analysis time : 15 sec.
2018r2 project analysis time : 15 sec.

2018r1.1 project building time (default optimization) : 77 sec.
2018r2 project building time (default optimization) : 77 sec. (110 sec. when it hangs at the beginning)

Better loading time is a welcome improvement, especially when you need to make a quick change. Nevertheless, it seems always longer then it really is…

For some reasons building may hang for 30-40 sec. at the beginning but, overall building speed is the same.

Glad the WebUploader is fixed.

Thanks for the improvements.

Waiting for the new Web Framework, impatiently… :slight_smile:

[quote=399808:@Roger St-Arneault]For some reasons building may hang for 30-40 sec. at the beginning but, overall building speed is the same.

may be because you did save or not your project. if not saved, xojo does it for you to recover it in case of a crash.
so it takes more time to build.

Very possible…