It looks like 2018r1 may have a fix for the problem of canvas flickering under Windows that has plagued us for more than a decade, thanks to the heroic efforts of @ in Feedback case 47001, which has been labeled Implemented and Verified as of Jan 9. One would think that this particular bug fix would warrant a more or less immediate release; anyone know when it’s scheduled?

You know that Xojo does not make any promises on release dates. As usual, the answer will probably be “It is going to be released when it is ready”.

And, we have no guarantee that flickering will be zero at the end. And, it’s possible that we are going to pay the price with a loss of performance.

We shall see. I have high hopes for 2018r1 and after years of flickering on Windows, I’m happy to wait until it’s ready.

An advantage (no flickering) usually also gives a disadvantage (performance). :wink:

Not if the first solution was just a poor one

The same happened in previous releases regarding typing speed and was corrected for most use cases in the final releases. Let’s give a break to Xojo developers.

edit: typing error

One would think that such a big change in the “core framework” would warrant for a long Alpha/Beta phase… as it is likely to have many side-effects. :wink:
I’m happy to give Xojo and all PreRelease testers enough time to do this, and to get this right.

Feel free to get access to the PreReleases and try it yourself. If it’s already in good shape - fine. More likely you’ll notice a couple of things that don’t yet work - so they’re glad to get your Feedback.

I just don’t remember how one does get access to the PreReleases…?

Just ask Xojo Inc. for it :wink:

In my enthusiasm for this to be finally fixed I assumed that " Implemented and Verified" meant that it’s been tested and is more or less ready, but maybe that’s not a valid assumption. While I know that nothing is ever simple, Julian’s description of z order as the root cause does make it seem like the fix might be relatively straightforward (and with little or no performance hit). Xojo reviewed the case in July and declared it “implemented” on Dec 6.

I think I put in about 10 tickets the day the alpha was released, some are resolved and the rest are being worked on as I see their Last Modified date alter in feedback even though I can’t see what is being said as its Xojo internal chatter.

I can’t talk about the pre-release version in General as I once got chastised for showing the xojo splash screen with some alpha text on it =s

The longer it takes for 2018r1 to be released the better it will be :slight_smile:

As they say: what happens in the alpha remains in the alpha. :wink:

On 2018 R1, I think we can safely say something like: I like what I see of it so far. It is worth waiting for it.

hehe, first rule of Xojo club is don’t talk about Xojo club :wink:

Well, if you join the “Xojo PreRelease club”, you’ll find out more about that. There’s a whole lot more to the story than just z-order. And I like it, too :slight_smile:

The conditions for joining the club unfortunately exclude some users.

There is no “howto file a Feedback case without a working Feedback App:frowning:

It’s called “work with Greg and see if we can figure out why you can’t run Feedback. “

starting Feedback in Linux (Ubuntu 64bit)
it’s just a short flash of the window then it’s over and the only message i get in Terminal is ‘Cancelled’

it certainly has to do with the HTMLViewer, I quote myself
(from https://forum.xojo.com/44778-feedback-utility-not-working-on-linux-mint-18-2-64bit-with-xojo#)

[quote]maybe my problem is the htmlviewer in gtk3 that crashes (hard) when using “http://”
I can show local files only (“file://”)[/quote]

ldd ./Feedback > /tmp/ldd_Feedback.txt

I hope this version com with WebListBox col editable like desktop one

It would be far more prudent to learn HTML and Javascript and create your own control than to continue waiting.

I wouldn’t think this is on the to-do list for now. According to the XDC Sessions List there is a new Web Framework 2.0 in the works. They announced with the new Xojo framework that they wouldn’t be making changes to the old one except for critical fixes. I would think the same applies to the web framework.

It is far from simple to make the WebListbox analogous to the Desktop one. It is much more than a dash of JavaScript.
For the time being, the best solution seems to be
GraffitiWebGrid from https://graffitisuite.com/features/web-edition/