2018r1 Project not opened by 2015r1 ?

I do that so often that I forget to open that 2018r1 creeated and developed project with 2015r1.

2015r1 issued two error messages (the first one is the simple reminder with an OK button [a cancel button is welcome]), and the second message told me that the project will not be opened.

So, unless it is a local error, 2018r1 projects (.xojo_binary_project) are no more “openable” with 2015r1.

For that project, if confirmed, it is not important (a 74KB project); a simple annoyance, but this may be important for the community (if confirmed).

BTW: no, I do not use any 2018r1 (or prior) technologies (Label, TextArea, BevelButton in the single window) and special/folder as File Type Set.

Personally I would not open projects in an older version than the one they were saved in.
Never know what could happen! :slight_smile:

You are right Albin.

In that case, the project have been created on 2018r1for teting purposes (a real world project).

And I discovered that after a mistake.

I always install the current Xojo version to make test in case I fall into some trap(s) with 2015r1. I may stop doing that if that gets me troubles :frowning:

I can confirm the early discovery behavior:

Power Off the computer,
Power On “-----------------”
Run Xojo 2015r1,
Open that 2018r1 created project,
Xojo 2015r1 tells it cannot open that project.

Probably a side effect to the new Controls Transparency.

From the RN:

49751 	IDE » Miscellaneous 	Old projects load with controls transparent (unless it was set otherwise). Newly added controls will default to not being transparent.

Attempting to save an older project file opened with 2017r3 (or even newer) results in a warning, that the project file no longer should be opened with an older version: It will be converted to the new file format no longer 100% compatible with them.

If not using new features it could work either.

Converting older project files to newer Xojo versions happened a few times in the past already.

I fooled Xojo 2015r1 (the old one) by using Copy / Paste and adding other atoms (File Type Set for example).

When I tried to compile the newly re-created project I get two errors. I forgot one (probably a typo), but the second error was the use of #If TargetWindows.

I used #If TargetWindows because I read it in this Forum (certainly); it was “natural” to use it. I do not verified if removing that will allow the project to open.

As I already stated, it was a test project (who works fine, some glitches missing features). Now I will continue the work on it with Xojo 2015r1.