2018 R3 crash

After a few minutes editing (mainly deleting code portions) Xojo 2018R3 closes without any error message, reopening doesn’t show any recover option and work is lost.
Windows 10 Home, Version 1803, 17134.3454

Since I am using 2018R3 on Win10 Pro 1803 17134376 for one week now, I had some crashes. No idea what the cause could be and
most crashes happen in the rush of the moment. Mostly I just quickly restart the IDE and continue since I don’t want to be derived from my work.

Regarding that I got continuos crashes with R3 I have returned to R2, after a few minutes it also crashed but now I got message to send feedback.
I did as indicated but feedback returned “case not found”, I’m not sure if it has been saved.

Anyway error message indicated “Nilobjectexecption: Bounds out of window control”

Have you restarted your computer recently?

I restart every couple of days, will do now.