2017r2 IDE and Projects on Linux

Hi Linux folks,

Has anyone been able to successfully utilize 2017r2 under Linux for both design and test/debug? I’m trying to determine if my issue is my Linux installs or something more general.

I’ve now tried 4 distros on both VM and real systems and the IDE crashes whenever I load a project.

I believe that I’ve sorted it to a plugin control. I’ve contacted the author for input.

Yes - it was the Einhugur plugins. They are not ready for GTK-3 yet.

Freak-out averted! Seth Willet’s old “SmartSplitter” still works properly under 17r2 on all three platforms.

SmartSplitter is, as fas as I recall, pure xojo code

Yes, but it did take a wee bit of updating as it’s actually from the RS days.