2017 r2 SSL Socket default connection type no longer available

Hi. Just downloaded the 17 r2 update. Upon first opening one of my desktop apps that uses SMTPSecureSocket to send emails from the app, I receive the following warning message

What is the new default connection type this needs to be updated to?

You can see this for yourself if you also open the example project:

Plus, if you go and run the example app (or mine), the app does not load and just says Event Loop

TLS instead of SSL. Search the forum for more info as there is already at least one other thread that discusses this change.

If I understand the change correctly the new default connection type needs to be 3.

Hmm. Not sure I am getting this. Here are the properties in the example EmailSSLExample:
Super: SMTPSecureSocket
ConnectionType: 3 (I changed from 2)
Secure: On
SMTPConnectionMode: STARTTLS

Still does Event Loop when run

Only recent post I found for 17r2 was here:

It really should be SSLSocket.TLSv1 (use the constant)

My bad. Changing the ConnectionType to 3 did seem to work in the example. I just found there was another MailSocket on another window

It really should be SSLSocket.TLSv1 (use the constant)

Why ?
IF the constant gets removed (like the ones for SSLV2 and 3 did) you WILL get a warning
If you just set it to a literal (try 566 sometime) you wont (it literally CANT know its not valid at this time)
And so you only find out at runtime that things are borked

Use the constants - they help you in the long run

Thanks Norman. I did change the ConnectionType to SSLSocket.TLSv1 in my project and it ran well. That did the trick.

You guys might want to update the example project though. By default, the ConnectionType in Inspector is set to 2, and when opening, you get the warning message at the start. I had to change the MailSocket properties to 3 in both windows (DemoWindow and SendDemoWindow). In SendDemoWindow, this seemed to still run when the Inspector property was at 2, but not the case for DemoWindow. That one had to be changed in Inspector.

Just looking out for the next guy :slight_smile:

See <https://xojo.com/issue/49195> with updated example.

Great thanks Paul!