2016r4 Convert To Method Rocks!

@Norman Palardy ,

I just used Convert To Method on selected code in a Method. It’s fantastic! Thanks sooooo much. :slight_smile:

It looks great.

I just had the little wish to analyze the code a bit and check which variables are needed and add those as parameters automatically.

Yes it does rock. Very handy

For me this is one of the reason’s why I continue to use Xojo. This is Xojo++ specially if you add the massive improvement in the back button. This release with its incremental changes is just awesome.

Thanks @Norman Palardy & the rest of the team.

Can anyone explain how Convert to Method is supposed to work?
I used to be able to highlight the code including the call with its variables and it would put everything but the call neatly into a separate method, dropping in the variable names but without their types.

Now, following the same process

  1. the call and variables get compressed (spaces and capitalisation removed)
  2. the same compressed gobbledegook gets dropped in as the method name, and
  3. the correct call and variables get inserted in the first line of the new method - where they are not needed.

I must be missing something…