2016r4.1 rowpictures unsharp

I just started on of our projects with the new 2016r4.1 version.
The row pictures are drawn very unsharp.
Can anyone confirm this issue? Is there a workaround?

Left side 2016r4.1
Right side 2015r4.1

Just a quick sample.
Above the picture in a listbox and below the same picture drawn in a canvas:

Which platform are you using? If it is Windows I see the same in the IDE.

I’m using Windows 10 Pro.

Created a FC for that:

Will this be fixed in the next release?
We’re using hundrets of rowpictures and our applications are looking really horrible with these blurred rowpictures.

Have you used HighRes images? 144 dpi instead of 72?

No, only normal 72dpi images.

Don’t use 2016r4.1. It is really not ready for Windows just yet.

You can always use the cellTextPaint event to draw the row picture yourself.

And what’s the scale of your screen?

24" 1920x1200px 72dpi

Right, but in Windows, there’s a setting where you set the scale if the display. Something between 100% and 350%.

Also, what’s the dpi in your images. It may just be that they’re higher 72ppi. The framework takes this into account now if you have HiDPI turned on.

Scale = 100 %
DPI of our images is 72
We have no HiDPI turned on.

Just look at the sample project in the <https://xojo.com/issue/46297>.
It is a verified bug.