2016R4.1 Issue

When I launch the new version of Xojo I’m missing all of the artwork for the application. The splash screen is blank with just the progress bar, the Project selection screens just has open an existing file and the cancel button enabled. Is anyone else seeing this?


2016R3 still works as expected on my pc but both R4 and R4.1 have the above issue.

Same as this?


or this?

In my case it’s the IDE itself missing items. It’s hard to use an IDE with no interface

Sounds like it got installed in a way no read access to the resources etc
But I’d expect a LOT more issues than just this

I’m not sure how that could have happened exactly… I was hoping it was an issue that 4.1 would fix but doesn’t appear to be the case…

What OS ?

Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit

I guess I’m the only one with this particular issue…

Have you tried to remove Xojo and reinstall ?

Just FYI for others In case they have problems, it was a video driver issue. My machine is a laptop with a dual display card setup (intel and amd) while everything else was ok xojo didn’t like it. After new drivers everything opens and displays correctly.