2016R1 IDE consumes too much CPU

Installed 2016R1 and opened the production web application we have. (it is being used since months ago)
Noticed that the IDE takes long to even change to one textbox to another when clicked in the graphical interface, design time. It stutters when using the scrollbars in the design area. It resembled to me how the new visual studio performs in an old laptop I have.
So I went to the activity monitor in the mac and observed Xojo parameters. It is normally on 0.1 but when I click on a control in the designer it goes straight to 86% cpu, and it takes almost a second to get focus (so that the little dots show the text box as active).
If I try to drag the textbox to relocate it, the CPU goes to almost 100%.
Basically the IDE is SLOOOOOW. And I do not have any other application in use on the mac.
The computer is a retina imac intel i5, late 2014, 8GB RAM, el capitan. Even imovie works as charm but Xojo is a turtle.
2015R4.1 works fine.

I think there is some optimization needed because this release is unusable, and the Mac is not what I can even call old.


I suggest you do an sample using Activity Monitor and attach it to my report. The more samples they have the more likely they are to find and fix the issue.

FWIW, I have the exact same issue.

If either of you can (privately) attach a Web project that demonstrates it along with the samples, that also helps. Thanks.

Yes, the 2016r1 IDE is unfortunately much slower compared with the 2015r4.1 when I work on the same web project.

My Feedback case was marked as confirmed after submitting a project that exhibited the behavior.

Thanks guys. Good to know it is happening to others. Not that is actually good, of course.

Travis, sadly I have just one project and can not send it because it handles private information. But it does the same with the sample web projects, maybe with mine a bit more because it has more elements.

Is it just Web projects affected? Just so I know whether to wait to use this version (I use the Desktop version).

We use 2016r1 all the time ourselves. And yes, this report has been specific to certain web projects.