2016R1 - Copy and paste sometimes not working

I also have troubles with Cut / Copy / Paste, usually when I am short of RAM.

When this occured, I quit all running applications, shut down the computer, then boot it, run the application and check Cut / Copy / Paste…

I can provide a link to a simple application (and small) that display this kind of things when I am short of RAM (Firefox, Xojo, TextEdit, Preview, Safari, that application, etc.), even with a 8GB laptop.

Yosemite, Xojo 2015r1 (IDE + the standAlone).

Sounds like an OS problem. I tried the steps you provided before. Didn’t help me.

My problems are project related. In one project I can have the Cut / Paste problems. But when I create a new project everything works fine. Until I opened the “problem-project” again… then the Cut/Paste problem presents itself.

I just can’t find what I did that messed things up.

Oh hell, its back again, Cut/Paste results in the wrong text being Pasted (it gets it from the previous Copy). Checked memory pressure but that is very light. Doesn’t seem to be a system issue this time as works fine in other apps.

I dont specifically recall if this was / wasnt fixed in an update between 2016r1 and 2016r4.1
But it may have been

I’m on 2016r4.1…seems to be the same issue again as reported in <https://xojo.com/issue/43730>. The same workaround - close one of the tabs and open a new one, seems to work temporarily.

I have been working on a rather large project. No problems. Though I still test the Cut/Paste on my end. Can’t seem to find it.
But, when I open a project where that problem did occur, it did occur again. Starting Xojo again with my other large project, the problem was gone.

So, I guess it is something gone south in code. Maybe a menubar. Maybe something else… no clue yet.

I have some Option-Drag problems as well, for a while now. When dragged to a PagePanel the panel turns blank. And the controls are somewhere hidden in la-la-land. I will report this somewhere (Feedback maybe) when I know more about when and how this is happening.
I noticed that changing the order of the Pages in the PagePanel that the problems occurred. A workaround is to option-drag them off-window and reposition them back to the right position on the Panel. But hey… that’s a different topic, a different thread…