2016R1.1 cannot open project and crashes

I try to open a project in 2016R1.1. The first time i opened it (when I started browsing the views in the project it crashed (feedback case 43689).
Then I opened it with 2015R4.1 and saved it with it. Now when I try to open it again with 2016R1.1 it displays the message: “Unable to open project correctly. This project requires a newer version of Xojo to open it properly.” !!!
Then it crashes!

Any ideas? Did anybody else see this?

I don’t have this issue with 2016r1.1, but my project was previously upgraded to, and saved with, 2016r1 so that might be a difference? I wish you good luck with finding a solution to this.

This CAN happen once in a while when upgrading to a new Xojo Version.

I would make a FR and attach the “broken” Project. Then open a Backup of the Project using 4.1 and save it in another Format (XML, Text, Binary) and try to open this Copy again in 1.1.

Thanks Jason and Sascha,

I pinpointed that a specific view is causing the “interesting” message and the crash. I will see what I can do about it (maybe use an older version, or save it as binary and then again as Text) and let you know what happens…

As I said the problem was an iOSView class. The only way to solve it was to create a new iOSView Class, copy everything through BBEdit, and then it worked!
I sent the crashing view file and the working view file to Xojo to see what was causing the crash…

Saving the project to another format didn’t solve the problem…

Glad you resolved it Fotis!

Thank you again Jason and Sascha for your immediate response!

Glad YOU could fix it. :slight_smile: