2016 r3 crash too often

I don’t know how to describe that problem.
I open several projects and not coding,just viewing codes,click class or inspect windows. do nothing.
I will show a “critical message” box to inform me to “debug” or “close”

OS: windows 10 64bit

is something about UAC ?

I experience the same with 2016r3 on windows 10 and learned to press Ctrl-S frequently.
It seems that 2016r3 issues are not seen by the team since they focus on alpha and beta versions only, even if we don’t even have these available for testing.
I used to have more projects open at the time. With 2016r3 I try to avoid that and yes there is still no coding-day without a crash.
Hope stability for the windows ide will get better, but … I had 2016r4b10 crashed within 3 minutes last Fryday when I did a quick test with one of my projects. I will spend some time to figure out why and how today.

If Windows asks you to send a crash report, do it!

I have found 2016R3 to be very stable, I won’t comment on beta’s as this is not the place to do so.

@Greg O’Lone - Most of the times when a crash happens, I am just concentrated on what I am coding, so it’s hard to put a finger on what exactly caused the issue. And most of the times when I press the report-button within the dialog appearing after a crash, it results in just the next instance of the same dialog, and so on. You need the windows-taskmanager to get out.

@Wayne Golding - I am not commenting beta-verseions. Beta = beta, I know. I was just mentioning the fact that the team sometimes just replies that they cannot reproduce a problem in a released version, due to the fact that they only test on their latest alpha- or beta-versions. They leave me feeling uncertain if the problem was noticed earlier or not.

perhaps it just happens in windows 10?

I keep Activity Monitor open whenever I’m running Xojo, and the minute memory gets anywhere near 2GB, I quit Xojo and then restart it. Xojo still crashes once or twice a week, but saving often helps with that.

The crash happens more often on some type of project?
For me Web projects are very hard for the IDE and the crash happens very frequently after a debug session and just before the compile phase when starting a new debug session.

Win 8.1 x64.

Ive been running RealBasic/RealStudio/Xojo since 2006… and I have NEVER had a crash, freeze or abnormal end

Hi Dave,
on what platform are you using Xojo?

Wow I often encounter ‘fatal errors’ on windows 10, with two options: ‘report error’ or ‘ignore’. Clicking either results in the same modal dialog resurfacing again until shut down from the task manager, as was mentioned above. This happens regularly.

I never said I haven’t had Win10 (or any other version of Windows) not crash… to me Windows is the most unstable OS the world has ever seen…

and there is a difference between Xojo crashing, and Xojo being forced to quit due to an unstable infrastructure…

Which is why I abandoned Windows the day Vista was released.

I see. It’s Windows’s fault.

The OS’s battle is starting?


Here we go again :stuck_out_tongue:

No not again
I’ve run into this and am looking into whats going on as it drives me nuts too
So far nothing definitive

And this one doesn’t seem to be Windows fault

Exactly ! The teams want’s us to report, but in this particular situation, which happens occasionally to me, I just can’t . I am on Windows 10 also.

Thanks Norman. I hate arguing.

Maybe the reason it’s hard to pinpoint is because it seems that clicking the button to report the error doesn’t actually report the error. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ll try to send some screen shots next time it happens if that would help.

PS 99.9% of my development is targeted to windows users. I use XOJO because it’s like VB and easy to learn. Sorry if that makes me an oddball.

There’s a few tricks to finding information on Windows that is really useful to us

  1. WinDBG - see https://forum.xojo.com/4259-include-function-names/p1#p31657
  2. mini dumps - https://forum.xojo.com/conversation/post/203985