2015r2 new feature

In the Release History for Xojo 2015r2 I see this on the first line of the “most notable changes”:

Icons and Images can now have multiple sizes associated with them.

What about this feature? Someone know where to find more info on it?

Ciao Massimo
On iOS you have only one item for app icon and one or launch images, within this item you can set your images (so they are multiple images for one element)

From the description seems like the Picture class can handle multiple pictures (this would be very handy for Retina/HiDPI support), even for Desktop projects.
Indeed the Picture class has an IndexedImage property, but I don’t know if this is something usable in some way. Also it talks about QuickTime… :frowning:


It’s iOS only :frowning:

This is already the case and since a long time. There is an array to access (read / write) a picture…