2015r2.2 Web Edition App not running in Windows XP?

Hello everyone,
I have an Application Server App (web edition) that a client was trying to run on Windows XP (SP3), it does seem to run but no browser or client application seem to be able to connect to it?
I tried the same on a WinXP VM on my Mac and it has the same problem exactly. Just to mention that desktop apps have no problem.
Do I need to do something special for XP? Is there something missing that I need to add? Is it simply not running?

Any help will be greatly appreciated…

does the customer have the Windows firewall active on the win XP computer? That would prevent anyone from accessing the web app hosted on that computer. (I am assuming that he is testing from a different computer than the host computer)

If he does, then he can either disable it entirely or open the ports necessary for the web app access. By the way, this is true on any version of Windows.

If he is testing on the host computer, then it is possibly an antivirus utility blocking access to the web app locally. Have the customer try with the AV disabled. If that test is conclusive, he may be able to tweak the AV such that it will let the web app alone. Or he may have to use a different AV utility…

Thank you Louis.
No. No windows firewall enabled. And the initial test is done on the same computer.
Now I will check if any antivirus is installed (I doubt it though). I will also run my VM to check if there is any antivirus that might be causing the problem in this case…

Many different AV will cause the issue. I tried at least a dozen that do… and even the solution that I settled upon caused the issue for others on the forum.

Is your port set to 80 when your App is compiled? Sometimes when switching between stand-alone and CGI I forget to check the ports in IDE.

The port is set to 8080.

Also there is no antivirus now and the problem persists!

Okay and you are using then on same mashine?

Yes. Also http://localhost:8080, as well as the ip address of the machine ( with no luck.

Mmm Ok … strange…

Fotis, which Xojo Version you’re using? Did you know 2015R3 compiled Apps do not run on XP anymore?

Yes Thomas. It was compiled with 2015 R2.2.

Hi Fotis,
on the XP machine running your application execute this command:

netstat -a -b -n -p tcp

The output of the command shows which executable is using or accepting connection on tcp ports.
Try to see if your executable is in the list.


I have trouble understanding why a web app in 2015R2.2 runs perfectly in the IDE under XP SP3 (just verified), and it would not once built.

Ja seems we’ve reached a dead end… I have no clue what it could be Fotis, maybe you try another PC with clean Windows installation? I am sorry…

I would not use the same port 8080 that the debug uses. Try having the build use a different port.

may be you can try an earlier version of xojo ?

Thanks everyone for your input. I think that there is something is missing in the Windows installation. I built a simple empty web project (with only a label on a page). I run it, Could not connect to it.
I will try again tomorrow and let you know what happens.