2014R3 - Redefined Identifer

I have the same variable declared in two modules. This worked in 2014R2, but in 2014R3 I get a redefined identifer. This variable is already defined by …

Any suggestions?

delete one.

Aren’t declarations independent of the module?

Not if they are marked as “Global”.

Thank you very much. I fixed the issue, but I do not understand why I did not get the error or have any issues with previous Xojo versions.

They are making the language more strict so that the compiler will have fewer problems with scope and to try and remove subtle problems. Generally, xojo inc. has been saying that there are numerous error reports that are hard to fix because the compiler has problems determining which variable is being referred to.

The compiler never reported your bug as an error before because the compiler itself had a bug. If you think about it, how would your code have known which module property to use if they both had the same name and were both globally accessible? That’s a recipe for subtle bugs. Now the compiler can tell you when this situation comes up so you can fix the bug in your code.