2014 R1 Label Change?

Hopefully I just missed something, however when either I edit or add a label then try to change the Font, underline, etc. its not in the IDE inspector any longer. The bottom section for font type, size, underline, etc. in 2013 r4.1 is not in 2014 R1.

You can use the gear at the top of the inspector for the advanced tab.
There you can set the font, among other things.

Ah nice thank you Eric. I missed that change.

This is at least the 4th post on this matter since the release on Tues. everyone, please at least “glance” at recent Forum posts before posting

Roger I did “glance” and missed it.

For people with smaller laptop screens (15,4 inch) this is one of the best changes made. Like it very much!

A bit harsh.